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How we works

Connect to exchanges

Connecting to most of exchanges with directly APIs.

Watch mode

Managing your crypto assets with watching mode.

ERC20 Tokens

Importing any erc20 tokens to your wallet easily.

Our Platform

An smart crypto trading platform

What we do?

Our platform will provide intelligent, multi-currency currency exchange, intelligent trading strategies, and quickly realize a social platform.

Help you to view the aggregate assets of all your exchanges anytime, anywhere, look at the real-time market for the entire currency market, make quick decisions and react to market changes in a timely manner.

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Main features

Connecting your digital asset exchange and manage your real-time quotes and digital assets quickly and easily.

  • The platform will be a blockchain system based on the PoA (Proof of Activity) action proof consensus protocol, and the advantages of PoW and PoS integration guarantee more efficient and secure.

  • The platform social network provides an anonymous sharing of intelligent search strategies between masters, viewing and cloning of master strategies, rapid interaction and the use and expansion of information value.

  • We use a virtual machine that is isolated and automatically executed, has concurrent execution, can terminate and easily expand capacity and other advanced features, and also provides a more advanced smart contract interface that can be self-programmed.

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Ethernet ERC20 token

Fully support the tokens of the etheric system, with low miner's fees and transaction confirmation time, helping you to send and receive digital assets faster.

Real-time market information

Provide real-time quotes for multiple exchanges and merge them into digital assets to quickly review gains and gains and losses.

Crypto Exchange

Provide convenient and quick currency exchange function, unattended, automatically converted into tokens of their own interest.

Keyless Smart Import

Support automatic keyless import of personal wallet wallet digital assets, security, fast and privacy protection.

API Connetors

Supports the docking of digital assets viewing mode on large exchanges, one-stop safe and reliable control of personal digital assets.


Share your investment strategy and information in real-time, master clone strategy, and quickly interact with the currency master directly.